About Hub

The designation of the year 2012 as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) by the UN General Assembly in the year 2010 ignited a global momentum that brought the world to the consensus that energy is important for socio-economic development and climate change mitigation. A global initiative, under the leadership of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, SE4ALL, has three broad goals - universal energy access, improved energy efficiency, and double the share of renewables. Beyond doubt, the initiative calls for necessary enablers to escalate development.

Among other areas of focus, the SE4ALL framework for action acknowledges capacity building and training as a key cross-cutting area. The representatives across the energy value chain have, time and again, raised their concern for effective capacity building mechanisms. Recognizing this, the formal launch of the 'Decade of Sustainable Energy for All' also included the inaugural of Capacity Building Hub for SE4ALL at the UN Headquarters on 4 June, 2014.

The capacity building hub collaborates with global stakeholders and institutions across the energy value chain, and leverages their mutual strengths to foster attainment of the ambitious goals. Going beyond the conventional training, the hub undertakes a demand-driven approach to catalyze change. It is a special-purpose vehicle that facilitates - awareness generation/sensitization, knowledge assimilation and dissemination, design and delivery of programmes of change, and identification of research gaps.




The vision of the Capacity Building Hub is to build confidence, through requisite capacity building, in stakeholders to achieve the global SE4ALL goals.



Capacity Building

Capacity building will include a range of activities designed to empower individuals and institutions along the entire energy value chain. Going beyond training, the hub will address needs such as:


  • The ability, will, and skills to initiate, plan, manage, and undertake specific tasks
  • Human resource and organisational development
  • Institutional and legal framework development

The capacity building hub targets policy makers, regulators, financial institutions, industries, private enterprises at all scales, civil society, academia, and end users.



The Approach