Concerted efforts are required to achieve SE4ALL goals


Capacity building and training is essential for accelerating deployment of cleaner and efficient technologies, and for the augmentation of their adoption. It is also essential to bring down the cost of deployment and to catalyze innovation in technology and service delivery at the last mile location.

Capacity Building Hub for SE4ALL facilitates collaboration capacity building and training that will drive the momentum for the attainment of SE4ALL goals at the right pace and in the right direction.

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Opportunities for Collaboration

Design, development and delivery of the demand-driven capacity building and training program necessitates the participation of individuals and institutions at local, national, regional and global levels. The hub designates collaborations under four key roles.

  • Development Partners: Design and develop training resources and carry out quality assurance.

  • Resource Partners: Share resources including training tools and provide access to the existing infrastructure for delivery.

  • Delivery Partners: Engage in delivery of training to address the local needs using an appropriate pedagogy.

  • Learners: Register with the hub and undertake courses delivered through a range of options including on-line, classroom, and practice-based approaches.


Solar Lighting Technologies: Concept to Commissioning and Beyond

Programme Coordinator : Mr Debajit Palit

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