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Title Theme Resource Type Source Year of publication
Modelling Environmental and Energy System Impacts of Large-Scale Excess Heat Utilisation: A Regional Case Study Energy Access Case Study Energy Vol 79: 68-79p. 2015
Designing Photoswitches for Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage Renewable Energy Paper Tetrahedron Letters Vol 56: 1457–1465p. 2015
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Compendium of Energy Efficient Technology Measures for Electric Induction Furnace (EIF) Sector Energy Efficiency Report 2015
Solar Energy: Review of Potential Green & Clean Energy for Coastal and Offshore Applications Renewable Energy,Energy Efficiency Paper Aquatic Procedia Vol 4: 473 – 480p. 2015
Biomass for Heat and Power: Technology Brief Renewable Energy Report 2015
Final Report of the Expert Group on Low Carbon Strategies for Inclusive Growth Energy Efficiency Report 2015
Proceedings of Stakeholder Consultation Workshop to Strengthen Local Manufacturing of Biomass Gasifier Focusing Thermal Energy Needs of MSME Sector Renewable Energy,Energy Efficiency Report 2015