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Title Theme Resource Type Source Year of publication
Energy poverty: How to make modern energy access universal? Energy Access Report 2010
Measuring energy access:Supporting a global target Energy Access Report 2010
Developing energy efficient and zero carbon strategies for eco-towns: eco-towns energy worksheet Renewable Energy,Energy Efficiency Report 2010
Cookstoves and Markets: Experiences, Successes and Opportunities Energy Access Report 2010
Constraints in growth of solar power Renewable Energy Paper eNREE, Vol. 6(2) 2010
Modelling Household Energy Access in India Energy Access Report 2010
Renewable Energy Resources for Climate Change Mitigation Renewable Energy Paper Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, Vol 6(4): 15-27p. 2010
Financing Energy Efficiency: Lessons from Brazil, China, India, and Beyond Energy Efficiency Report 2010
Barefoot Solar Mamas of the World Renewable Energy,Energy Access Case Study World Access to Modern Energy Database 2010
A Review of Energy in National MDG Reports Energy Access Report 2010