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Title: Field Testing of Alternative Cookstove Performance in a Rural Setting of Western India
Source:International Journal of Environmental Research Public Health Vol 12(2)

Several stove manufacturers have developed alternative cookstoves that are aimed at reducing emissions and fuel consumption. The authors tested a traditional clay chulha cookstove and five commercially available alternative cookstoves, including both natural draft (Greenway Smart Stove, Envirofit PCS-1) and forced draft stoves (BioLite HomeStove, Philips Woodstove HD4012, and Eco-Chulha XXL), in a test kitchen in a rural village of western India. Compared to the traditional clay chulha cookstove, the alternative cookstoves produced significant reductions in particulate matter less than 2.5 µm (PM2.5) and CO concentrations (Envirofit: 22%/16%, Greenway: 24%/42%, BioLite: 40%/35%, Philips: 66%/55% and Eco-Chulha: 61%/42%), which persisted after normalization for fuel consumption or useful energy. PM2.5 and CO concentrations were lower for forced draft stoves than natural draft stoves. Furthermore, the Philips and Eco-Chulha units exhibited higher cooking efficiency than the traditional clay chulha cookstove. Despite significant reductions in concentrations, all alternative cookstoves failed to achieve PM2.5 levels that are considered safe by the World Health Organization.

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